Welcome To Orbstation 13

We are a small Space Station 13 community started by members of The Orb forum, Eagle Time, Blaseball and the KWMIFC. We're friendly and encouraging, and want to create an inclusive space with a good mix of roleplay and story beats alongside action. Our codebase is forked from TGstation, but we have some changes which will be documented on this site in future.
Our peak times are usually Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings UTC, and we usually have around 20 players.

You can find our codebase here!

What is Space Station 13?

Space Station 13 is an opensource multiplayer role-playing game where you play an astronaut aboard a top secret space station owned by a sinister intersolar corporation. Your mission is to keep the station running, do your job, and make it through your shift alive. It won't be easy, though. Between sabotage from spies among the crew, alien shapeshifters and the hostility of space itself, you'll have your work cut out for you!

  1. Download BYOND: http://www.byond.com/
  2. Create and log into a BYOND account
  3. In the BYOND client, press Ctrl-O
  4. Enter byond://orbstation.space:25565
  5. Press OK to connect!

Our chatroom!